About Us

Anakie & District Community Group Incorporated

Anakie is located approximately thirty kilometres north-west of Geelong. In early days the township consisted mostly of farmers and woodcutters and few people travelled out of the district to work. Some farming families still reside in the district, but most employed residents commute to Geelong or Melbourne. A number of early retirees and elderly people live in the district. There are very limited local employment opportunities.

Anakie & District Community Group Inc (A&DCG) was established in late 1986 and now operates from Anakie Community House, which is located on the main road in Anakie, beside Anakie Primary School. Interestingly, the building was originally a three-bedroom house, which the Education Department placed in Anakie many years ago for the headmasters' of the day and their families to live in.

A&DCG provides regular classes, services, courses, activities and both a playgroup where parents attend and a three and four year old activity group, where children stay for weekly, two-hour sessions. Additionally, various trips are held, including shopping and sightseeing tours.

Another role of the community house is to provide a venue where residents can simply call in for a visit. Due to the distance between Anakie homes and suburbia, as well as the distance between some neighbours, many people visit the community house for social interaction.

The group is responsible for the production of Anakie's newsletter, the Anakie Advocate. Six hundred and forty copies are printed and delivered around the district each month.
The community house could not operate without dedicated volunteers. Members of the local community take positions on the management committee; fold and deliver newsletters; assist at luncheons, fundraising activities and in the office; provide garden maintenance and offer a friendly face to visitors.

A&DCG gratefully acknowledges the Department of Human Services and the City of Greater Geelong for annual coordination and contribution